Soren McLeod

Lab Associate: Monkey Team

Soren McLeod was born in Bozeman, MT and raised in Cambridge, MA. He attended Harvard University where he concentrated in Neuroscience. During his undergraduate years he dipped his toes into many different types of research: from the Engert lab studying the functional and anatomical components of macroscale brain networks in zebrafish, to the Kasper lab studying the effect of the gut microbiome on cancer immunotherapy treatments and finally at Moderna testing the immunogenicity of vaccine candidates for various types of bacterial infections. Soren joined the Angelaki Lab because it allowed him to further pursue his interest into how damage to the brain networks alters sensory, memory and cognitive processing and how to work to treat these deficits. Going forward, Soren hopes to explore a career in medicine, ideally specializing in neurosurgery, neurology or emergency medicine. In his free time Soren enjoys playing basketball, reading, hiking and visiting museums.